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Today is 27 June, 2015, and there are still 1627 American warriors listed as Missing in Action from the Vietnam War.



One short month ago last Tuesday after riding 5,818 miles in 18 days I pulled into my home here in Ft. Worth from Run for The Wall XXVII!  What an incredible experience!

It has taken this long for me to collect my thoughts and understand the emotions related to leading the Southern Route.

When we began preparing in June of 2014, I had no idea of the task that lay ahead!  We worked from June thru August to recruit our leadership team, and the team we ultimately fielded on 13 May 2015 was nothing short of incredible! Along the way we were faced with more than a few challenges and even emergencies, but in every case they rose to that challenge.  We left Ontario with 303 riders and we arrived in DC with 427, nearly one third of whom were FNG’s!

In one of my earlier RC Notes I mentioned we would do our best to remain true to the Founder’s original purpose of The Run:To bring America’s attention to the fate of our Missing in Action, our Prisoners of War and our Veterans. We chose Continue the Mission as the theme for the Southern Route to remind each of us to remember the purpose of The Run. I believe we were very successful in reminding America of this Mission.

Thank you Run for The Wall! Thank you for the honor of leading the Southern Route across America, and thank you for the opportunity to work with such a fine group of people. From our State Coordinators and our local Volunteers, to our riders and the Leadership cadre that helped us Continue the Mission, I am humbled by your enthusiasm, engagement and your praise. We did this together, and WE made a difference!



Charlie Mike


I don’t want to be king,

                       But I don’t mind

                                         If the king owes me money!



Today is 30 April, 2015, and there are still 1628 American warriors listed as Missing in Action.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon and the end of US military involvement in Vietnam.

We are now 12 days and a wake up from Run for the Wall XXVII. I know we are all getting anxious as the clock continues to count down. By now you have probably serviced your machine and are finalizing you preparations  for The Mission.

Pre-Registration closed at midnite 26 April and today we expect to leave Ontario, California with at least 276 riders. Registration will open again in Ontario on 11 May at 1300 until 1900, then again on Tuesday at 0900 until 1700 and from 0545 until 0630 Wednesday, 13 May. Registration for the Southern Route will be open at each night stop and from 0600 to 0630 each morning before our morning meetings.

Much has been written about The Run, how this is NOT a Bucket List event, but rather a Mission. We will do our best to remain true to the Founder’s original purpose of The Run: To bring America’s attention to the fate of our Missing in Action, our Prisoners of War and our Veterans.  We have said over and over ‘This is a Mission!’ and in 2015 our purpose will be to ‘Continue the Mission.’  As you ride across America, please remember that The Run is only possible through the efforts of a relatively small group of volunteers. Remember too that every person on The Run is here for The Mission, even if they do not fully understand what that means!

Riders will come from all walks of life… we have RUBBI’s (Rich Urban Bikers) we have hard core Bikers and we have a mix of people in between and with riding skills to match… again, all with one purpose, to honor our Warriors and Veterans. Not all of our riders will ride as well as you do, and because of that we will sometimes have significant gaps in our platoons. This Mission is NOT about riding skills, tho by the end of The Run your personal riding skills will be much better! Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated with any one of our number. We are all here for The Mission.

We have expounded on and on about Hydration and the chant Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! And oh by the way, hydration is defeated by liquids with caffeine!  Several years ago on the ride to California we had a rider pass out due to dehydration… As we patched her up (she ended up passing-out and doing a flying dismount in the median of I-10 that was, thankfully sand) she remarked something to the effect of “Gee, I have been hydrating; I had a peach tea Sn@*@le this morning!’  Hydration is done with water and supplemented with electrolyte supplements or drinks like Gatorade, not with coffee, caffeinated sodas, energy drinks or tea! To put this a bit more graphically, if your pee ain’t clear you ain’t drinking enough water!

Carol Olmstead and her team have worked tirelessly with PepsiCo and other groups to provide our M25 Hydration Team and, therefore, our riders, water and Gatorade all the way across this great country. Make sure you take advantage of this incredible, and critical donation. Always have at least a bottle of water in your possession!

The forum has been full of questions about what to pack, how do we gas 500 motorcycles, what is an outreach, what is a breakaway etc., etc., etc.! The forum has also been full of lots of OPINIONs and even some answers! Some of those have even been correct!

For the record, NOTHING can prepare you to ride in a pack of 400 motorcycles 8 to ten hours a day for ten days straight. ‘Yea but I rode the toy run with …’ or ‘We ride PGR missions with …’ or ‘My club rides hundreds of miles…’  Run for The Wall rides with 300 plus bikes in formation for ten days straight! We stop about every 100 to 140 miles. We do not stop for weather. If it looks like rain, you have a choice. You can put on your rain gear or not.  Most of the experienced riders on The Run can regale you in stories about riding in the rain, the hail or the snow. Southern Route riders can add the heat and to a much lesser extent the cold, tho I do not recall temps lower than the mid-40’s (Now watch what the weather guessers do to us!)

A note here about what to pack: In the past I carried a complete tool kit, just in case! Over time I realized I rarely used anything other than an adjustable wrench and a couple of hex wrenches… and so the complete Just in Case tool set has been reduced to just those tools. I do carry lots of tie wraps and bungy cords tho! Rain gear and some sort of warm jacket may be necessary… plan accordingly!  Each of us must decide what is necessary and what is a luxury… and luxury items consume critical space on a vehicle with very limited space!

Fueling 500 bikes in 22 minutes infers a closely choreographed activity. It is! The Advanced Team pumps only Premium gas. We fuel on the bike, with two bikes at each pump and our fuelers do not give change (nor do they accept coins!) $8.27 means you pay $9! We round UP! The extra $$ is pooled for our chase vehicles, those vehicles that ensure ‘No one left behind.’

Southern Route will have a number of outreach missions. These outreach missions allow us to touch other communities along the way. Southern Route will send riders to meet with several MIA families, to visit the Museum of the Vietnam War and several Veteran’s homes and memorials.  Participation in an outreach is limited and platoon leaders will be notified when a mission is open for volunteers.

Road Guards are the only riders who participate in a break away on the Southern Route. Between twenty and thirty miles out from a stop, the Road Guard Captain will signal the Road Guards to ‘Breakaway!’ The purpose of the breakaway is to provide the Road Guard cadre a few extra minutes to prepare the roads and intersections at the next stop so ‘The Pack’ can safely exit the interstate and enter the gas station. Upon completion of the fueling and staging activities, the Advance Team will assemble and leave before the pack so they can get to the next stop and do it all again!

The State Coordinators have done a superb job preparing each stop with volunteers to help us. In some places our SC’s have arranged for someone to feed us. Please remember that some of these organizations have looked forward to our visit for the last year. Please thank those volunteers, and remember too that each of us represents Run for The Wall.

The Run is a physically and emotionally demanding experience. If you are physically capable, and your machine is mechanically sound, you will have no problems that we cannot work thru with you!

Your Leadership team has met numerous times over the last year in anticipation of the many opportunities we will be presented. We have discussed, assigned, answered and debated more than one of those opportunities!    We believe we are ready for whatever experiences await us.  We believe YOU will have an incredible experience as we cross the country so many of served for, and we will get you to The Wall, for that too is our Mission.

We will see you in Ontario or along the way.

Charlie Mike



Today is 2 April and there are still 1636 Warriors still Missing in Action from the war in Vietnam.


40 days and a wake up!  How cool is this!  That means I leave my home in Ft. Worth 35 days from tomorrow!  5 Weeks!!!

We have built the best team we can find.  People from many different walks of life have volunteered to help us guide the Southern Route across this great nation.  Over the last several weeks we have also had a couple people drop out.  We will miss our friends who won’t be with us, but others have stepped in to fill the gap.  As I write this tonight we have 327 riders signed up to ride Southern Route.  We will have more than 100 FNG’s with us.  What an honor it is to welcome those 100 to the RFTW family and our Mission.

Beginning Monday and continuing into Tuesday your leadership team’s days in Ontario will be filled with meetings…  The Southern Route Leadership meeting will be from 0900 to 1100 on Tuesday morning.  The SR Road Guard meeting will be in lot D from 1200-1330 on Tuesday and the SR FNG meeting will be from 1500 to 1600 Tuesday afternoon. 

Our state coordinators continue the unending job of putting everything in place to ensure our brief visits to their states will go off without a hitch.  We have been in touch with police agencies across the country telling them when we will be there and what they can expect and how they can help us.  Many local Law Enforcement Officers will assist us all the way from California to Virginia.  Some of those police agencies will provide Motor Officers to escort us, and some of those Motor Officers will be here in Grand Prairie the weekend of 25 April at the Grand Prairie Police Spring Classic Motorcycle Rodeo.  At last report officers from Lousianna and Mississippi as well as Texas are expected to demonstrate their skills at the rodeo! 

Let me tell you about my conditioning ride last weekend… 200 miles with good friends, rolling across North Texas up near the Red River.  A quick stop for lunch and a two hour ride home.  Great ride!                                 Then as I was moving the bike to the spot in the garage, I felt some heat where I should not have… My header was cracked!  Fortunately I found it almost 5 weeks prior to leaving… can you imagine if I had not found it?        My point here is we must be aware of our machine.  Small, seemingly inconsequential changes in how it performs may be nothing…my gas mileage has been poor for a while now… the machine was telling me via backfires, and poor mileage that something wasn’t right.

I am pleased to report that FullSac Performance of Lake Havasu, Arizona jumped through hoops to help me, even covering the delivery of a new header.  Thank you Steve and Tammy.  You make a great product, and your customer service rocks!

Back to conditioning: much has been written about hydration… start early, drink water often… yes I know what fish do in it, but drink it anyway!  Your body needs it. 

On The Run drink water and either supplement it with an electrolyte additive or drink Gatorade.  (OBTW, both water and Gatorade will again be provided to us by PepsiCo.  We are most fortunate to have M25 again this year leading our Hydration Team.  Having all those wonderful donations from PepsiCo without a way to move them across the country would be pointless.  Thank you M25!)  You have read it and heard it from other riders, hydration is critical to successfully completing The Mission.  I cannot overemphasize that!  Some of us have seen the result of a rider becoming dehydrated and passing out underway… nothing is as frightening as watching a person pass out next to you and the motorcycle  begin its death spiral… it NEVER ends well!  Hydrate!

Now back to conditioning… most of us are older than we care to admit.  With age comes experience, and ailments.  With those ailments come necessary medications, taken grudgingly everyday.  Some of you may remember an ARC who did not check his glucose levels and ended up on a chase truck, unable to ride because he had taken a normal dosage of insulin, and eaten less bad stuff than normal… All that combined for a low blood sugar moment I was completely unprepared for.  Fortunately, people around me recognized what was happening, and took care of me.  PAY ATTENTION!!!  Your body, just like your machine, will tell you things you NEED to know.  Take your meds, monitor your health… don’t put yourself or others at risk!

Take care of each other!  We are on a Mission.  We cannot possibly complete that Mission if we do not take care of each other.

I am certain there were other things CJ wanted me to mention, but for the life of me, I can’t remember them tonight!  Remember the Forum is a good place to ask questions.  Many experienced riders participate on the forum and everyone is willing to answer questions.

OK, enough lecturing!

Take care, ride safe, and we will see you in Ontario soon!



Run for The Wall

2015 Southern Route Coordinator


Continue the Mission


13 March, 2015 -----       Hmmmmmmm...Friday the 13th?  Maybe I should have written this earlier!

Good Morning!!!

The countdown clock has just turned over to 60 days and some hours!

Today there are still 1636 MIA from Vietnam.

 I am saddened to report we lost another of our Southern Route family recently when Cort Stark, our third platoon Tail Gunner, was killed in single vehicle accident on a rainy highway in Arizona on 1 March.  Please remember Cort and his family and friends in your prayers.  He is missed.


The Southern Route Itinerary is posted, even while we continue to find and correct mis-spellings and typos!  Chicken Joe and the State Coordinators have labored long and hard to get the right amount of detail into the Itinerary.  (I want to thank CJ for finding the most sinister picture he could of me for the Itinerary!  I really do smile!)

CJ and Ghost Rider have checked and rechecked the mileage, and we think it is reasonably close to what our actual mileage will be… or at least closer and close enough to be able to plan our gas stops!

Tail Light has assembled an experienced Advanced Team for fueling and staging, and between us we have well seasoned (NOT OLD!) Platoon Leadership and Road Guard teams.

We have had a several volunteers drop out due to scheduling conflicts, but CJ’s list of reserves has filled those spots.  So remember, if you volunteered, either to me, CJ or one of the Platoon Leaders, and you haven’t been assigned, it can still happen.

I am amazed at the number of riders who continue to come forward to volunteer for something… anything.  They want to give back to The Run!  The Southern Route has a total team of over 170 visible on the road volunteers, plus hundreds more who assist behind the scenes…and in the towns and communities we visit.

The State Coordinators continue to work hard finding communities, groups and even individuals to help us as we go across country.   Food for instance must be decided upon, purchased, prepared and volunteers must be ready when we pull in to smoothly and quickly feed us.  In one case our SC and her team have worked for the last year to raise the money necessary.  I am certain this is the case in many places and I would ask that you keep that in mind as we partake of their generosity. 

This year we have asked each of our meal stops to have a can or jar for donations.  Please consider a small donation to help our hosts begin the fund raising for RFTW XXVIII!

Today will be the first real opportunity I have had to get back on my motorcycle since last October and believe me, between now and 13 May I will find a way to put some serious miles on my scoot!  Not only that but I (like you!) must also find time to get that the scooter maintenance done… They took the tools out of my hands many years ago (for a reason) so I go to the HD (Hunert Dolla) dealer for maintenance… make sure they check everything, tires, brakes, clutch, fluids and even the nuts and bolts. 

I have personally had a tire crack (found at Wytheville HD on my way home, thank you CJ!), a clutch cable stretch beyond adjustment capability, and the bolts to my exhaust and throttle body fall out (at different times!) 

And all that stuff was on The Run or the ride home!  The last one, the throttle body was really expensive… HD did not have the custom Arlen Ness air filter/banjo bolts, so I had to replace it with a $$$creamin Eagle set up…  Make ‘em check everything!  (And remember too, blue loc-tite is your friend!)


Each of the first eight days the Southern Route will ride between 300 and 400 miles.  Our normal distance between stops is in the 100 to 130 mile range… usually not more than about 2 hours or so.  Certainly there may be a couple that test that limit, but generally 2 hours and 120 miles is about right.  Riding two hour increments will be one way I will use to get my self in shape for The Run!

Speaking of getting in shape… each of us has a responsibility to ourselves, our family at home and our RFTW family to make sure we are in shape for The Run.  This ten day trip is very demanding on both our machines and our bodies. 


None of us is getting younger, and so we have to make sure we have, and are taking our meds, drinking water, getting electrolytes (from Gatorade or some other supplement) and nourishing our bodies. 

If at ANYTIME you begin to feel poorly, or as tho you may pass out, make sure you pull out of the pack… if you don’t give a thumbs up, start waving if you are able, if you are not someone will pull over to make sure you are ok.  Watch the riders around you! Trust me when I tell you it is not pleasant to pick up a rider who has passed out on their bike… it has happened, and we were fortunate the individuals I am aware of survived their experience, only a little worse for the wear. 



Mayor Frost and others have been active on the Forum reminding everyone that caffeine is NOT water, and does not HYDRATE the body!  The deserts of the Southwest will be HOT!  If you don’t have a bottle of water in your hand at every stop, expect to be asked ‘Why NOT!”   Camelbaks or some other wearable reservoir are always fashionable and appropriate.  Remember: you can’t get hydrated if you don’t start til Ontario!  It takes time for your body to fully hydrate… give it that time!

So here we are, 60 days away from leaving Ontario on this incredible Mission called Run for The Wall XXVII!  If you are an FNG, Welcome Home and Welcome to our RFTW Family!  If you are a returning member of the Family, Welcome Home!  And if you are one of the cadre who will assist us as we cross this beautiful country, Thank You!  Without you there would be no Run for The Wall.

 Until next time,

ride safe


 Continue the Mission






27 January, 2015

42 years ago tonight the guns fell silent in Vietnam, or rather, America began what Nixon called Peace with Honor.   

27 January, 1973 was officially the last day of combat operations in Vietnam.   

27 January 1973, just 16 hours before the cease fire, Commander Harley Hall, Executive Officer of the VF143 Pukin’ Dogs, and his RIO, LCDR Phillip Kientzler flying their F4J from the USS Enterprise came under intense anti-aircraft fire while attacking several trucks and were hit.Both Hall and his co-pilot, LCDR Philip A. Kientzler ejected at 4,000 feet and were seen to land 100 feet apart near a village on an island in the Dam Cho Chua and Cua Viet Rivers. CDR Hall was seen moving about on the ground, discarding his parachute.Only Kientzler was released at Operation Homecoming in 1973. He last saw CDR Hall as they touched the ground. When he asked his guards about his pilot, he was told that he was killed by another.

No other returned POW reported having knowledge of Harley Hall, yet the Pentagon maintained him in POW status for over 6 years, and documents were obtained that indicated that he was indeed captured. The Hanoi government claims to have no knowledge of CDR Harley Hall. Harley Hall was shot down on the last day of the war and was the last Naval Air casualty of the Vietnam War.

This former member of the famed Blue Angels flight team remains missing.  His family has refused to accept the presumptive finding of death, body not recovered.


This is why we ride!


So it is the last week of January and the Southern Route hotel list has been posted.  I want to thank all the Southern Route State Coordinators who worked tirelessly to convince the hotels that RFTW was NOT some group of rowdies and I really did not need to put my personal credit card down to guarantee YOU guys and gals would not tear the places we stay up!  (My cc could not have covered the liability limits anyway… but that is another story!)  Each coordinator was tasked with finding hotels to accommodate us AND negotiating improved rates too.  Though not always successful at rate negotiation, they did a great job.

I also want to thank Chicken Joe Connors for collecting the hotels and transcribing the information from the state coordinators to the hotel listing and successfully posting it!  Good job CJ… what would I do without you!?

 Oh, please notice, due to the extraordinary efforts of those SC’s we beat my 30 January commitment cited in my 9 December RC notes! 

Right now the State Coordinators are again negotiating with various organizations and dealers to welcome RFTW SR XXVII in to their towns.  Our next task is to refine our Itinerary.  In some cases it will be similar to years past but we will have some new experiences for you.

Again this year we will be visiting several schools and VA Medical Centers and Veterans Memorials along the way.  We are also planning several outreach activities to new places.

And of course we will visit Piggly Wiggly!!


In a past note I mentioned our Volunteers and the fact that without them there could be no Run for The Wall.  Please remember to take time to thank the volunteers, whether they are students of a local school or Veterans from the local American Legion or VFW, or some bikers from a local club who just want to support us as we cross America on The Mission.  Remember too that the students have worked very hard preparing their projects and entertainment for us.  Some of these kids have real talent.  Be courteous, respectful and quiet and listen as they sing or recite their poem or story.  They are proud to have us visit them and to serve and honor us, please represent RFTW appropriately.

Another group of supporters often overlooked is our LEO escorts.  Local Law Enforcement Officers make our travel through their towns and counties safer for us and for the local population.  Take a minute and say thanks to the officers.  Many of them are Vets too, and they would give anything to be able to make this incredible trip.

On another subject, much has been written lately about The Mission and the ‘list.’  The introduction to the Book Run for The Wall is titled ‘I thought I was going for a ride’  and is a quote from a fellow who joined the Run for one day and ended up going All the Way.   

This is a Mission. 

One friend wrote that he had seen a distance come between The Run, The Riders and The Mission.  We had grown so large we did not have time to even talk to each other.  My theory is ‘Every Vet has a story, we just have to listen.’  Our size made that very difficult and not everyone felt part of The Family.

Our mission is to provide safe travel across America for all those affected by War, while reminding America there is a price for the Freedoms we experience on a daily basis.  Our mission is also to provide a safe venue for those affected by War to heal. And our Mission is to get YOU to The Wall. 

It is an opportunity for Grunts and POGs (Persons other than Grunts) to realize none of us could have been successful without the others. 

Someone mentioned The Run could not survive if it were not Fun… Fun?  Ten days and ten plus hours per day on a motorcycle seeing only the back fender/tire of the bike in front of me… FUN?  Sorry but the riding is not fun!  It is hard work, it is long tedious days, riding with people who do not ride as well as you do, and it is an honor to be welcomed home by the America we served for.

The Mission: demanding a full accounting of all those missing in action; to honor the memory of all those Killed In Action from all wars; Healing for all Veterans and those touched by war; and supporting our Military all over the world.

The Run is NOT on your bucket list!  A ride across America may be, but The Run is not on your list.  Come ride with us, experience The Run and see the America we served for and feel the Healing begin.  Experience The Run and feel The Mission and know This is why we ride!


Continue the Mission

(Charlie Mike)




11 January, 2015

Greetings from Ft. Worth, Texas and WELCOME to 2015!!!!

By now I imagine recovery from Christmas and New Years holidays is complete.  I hope everyone enjoyed some time with family and friends.

Yea, like I said, welcome to 2015!  Between now and 13 May time will absolutely fly by.  The Southern Route team continues to put the final touches on the hotel list and I expect to have it complete and posted before 30 January.  Yes the other routes have their lists up and we are a bit behind, but that could not be avoided.  Several of our state coordinators also support our military and understandably that takes priority!  I spoke to one of the coordinators tonight and we have only two or three left to go... progress at any rate is still progress.  

Thank you State Coordinators for your hard work.  Without you and the other volunteers there would be NO RFTW!

So, it is time to begin getting yourself and your equipment in shape for The Run.  That means getting out and riding as soon as the weather permits.  Here in northern Texas we typically start riding again in February, and then we ride every weekend possible! Around April I will take my scoot down to the local dealer and have it gone over completely.  In the past that has been an oil change, a battery change and one year two tires were necessary.

If you have an opportunity, consider taking the Basic or Advanced rider classes.  While not required, I strongly urge you to consider taking these classes.  In the 40 years I have been riding motorcycles very little has changed, except the size and speed of the machines.  I found that going to the Rider’s Classes reminded me of those things you must automatically do in emergencies.  The military has a saying ‘Train like you fight, fight like you train.’  I think that can also be applied to riding a 1600cc motorcycle.  I have rarely needed to lock up my brakes and then avoid an obstacle, but it did happen one year… and my training automatically kicked in and saved me!

That is about all I can think of today, so until next time, Ride Often and Ride Safe!



Continue the Mission (Charlie Mike)


9 December 2014

Sunday 7 December 2014 marked the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The attack commenced at 7:48 a.m. Hawaiian Time.  The base was attacked by 353 Japanese fighter planes,bombers, and torpedo planes in two waves, launched from six aircraft carriers.  All eight U.S. Navy battleships were damaged, with four being sunk. All but one (Arizona) were later raised, and six of the eight battleships were returned to service and went on to fight in the war. The Japanese also sank or damaged three cruisers, three destroyers, an anti-aircraft training ship and one minelayer.  188 U.S. aircraft were destroyed.                                                                  

2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 others were wounded.  

We remember the sacrifice of the brave men and women lost on that day and over the following nearly four years in both the Pacific and Atlantic Theater of Operations.

This too is why we ride.


Now some more news IRT: RFTW XXVII Southern Route

OK, OK, I know you have questions and I have been a bit slow anticipating those questions and posting answers so let’s see if we can make some more progress!

I just posted the Southern Route Leadership positions as I know them today.  We have Platoon Leaders and Assistants for eight of nine platoons.  This listing will continue to grow as we identify the rest of the team that will facilitate our safe crossing across America.

We are still looking for a Trikes with Trailers leader who has made more than one All the Way trip with us before this trip.  It looks like Chicken Joe has found enough Tail Gunners for the motorcycle platoons, so if you volunteered and did not get picked up yet do not fret... we frequently experience changes between the first lists and leaving Ontario, so you may still get a call!  As I mentioned in my first note, Run for the Wall XXVII will be leaving from the Ontario area, and BOD President Wish is finalizing the contracts for hotels that will be HAPPY to have the Run for The Wall as their guests.  The other awesome thing about these new accommodations will be the proximity to the freeways and the price!  Wish is shooting to have the new hotels posted after the New Years holiday.  

Top Sarge also tells me she is reviewing applications for a Registration Assistant.  This person must be detailed oriented (you have to review every registration) must have ridden All The Way at least one time and should be eager to Welcome grumpy Old Veterans home. This wonderful person must be willing to be up early and stay late at the evening stops.  Oh and you need to have a smile permanently affixed to your face cuz sometimes those grumpy old vets forget stuff like Insurance Papers or motorcycle registration papers and forget it isn’t the registration team’s fault!  And for those of us who do forget paperwork, let me emphasize (for the first time in 2015) you must bring your driver license, Insurance card and motorcycle registration with you when you come to register for The Run.  No Exceptions!                                                                                                                 

Top also asked me to remind all you grandparents and aunts and uncles that if you intend to have a minor passenger riding with you it will be necessary to have a release form granting you permission to bring them on The Run signed by BOTH parents.  I say again, you must have a release signed by BOTH parents or the minor will not be allowed to accompany you on The Run.  

Tail Light, our Advanced Team Lead tells me he is still looking for short about 7 to 10 from his Staging team... This job sounds really GREAT: Early risers must be at the morning muster spot before sun up!  Wages are very poor for this position but the ladies and gents who do it tell me they love seeing our smiling (?) faces each morning and then several more times during the day.  

As I write this note our State Coordinators are continuing the work of getting enough hotel rooms to accommodate us as we make our way across these United States.  I have heard for several that change some improvement may be possible so we will continue to wait patiently.  Please work with me on this one.  I expect to have a compete listing of hotels by the end of January.  Yes I know that is later than in past years and if we can have it sooner we will get it posted sooner.  

The State Coordinators tell me our route across America will look basically just as it did last year with only minor changes.  They are still finding volunteer organizations to meet us and feed us.                                          

That reminds me, please remember the towns we stop in and the groups who host us look forward to our visit with the same enthusiasm we look forward to the overall Run.  In all cases our hosts have spent significant time and money preparing for our visit.  The only expectation they have of us is we will treat them with honor and respect, which should include listening to their programs and speakers.  Each year a few of us forget how generous our hosts are and we leave before the kids or the speakers or the program has been completed.  Please begin now to prepare yourselves to stay that extra fifteen minutes or so and upon completion of the program please show your appreciation.

So now you know just about everything I know about our 2015 Southern Route Run for The Wall and the little bit more I do know you are probably happy to NOT know!  

Please have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.                                                                                                                                                                                  

With great Love, Honor and Respect


Charlie Mike



28 November, 2014
Greetings from Ft. Worth Texas, where Will Rogers said’ The West begins!’
I trust everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and enjoyed the company of family or friends and maybe even a few of our warriors who missed their own families due to operational commitments. If you had a Service Member in your home and shared your holiday meal yesterday, Thank You!

I’m stoney. I am humbled and honored to be the 2015 Run for The Wall Southern Route Coordinator. Here is a little more about me:
My parents were both WWII vets. Dad was a Forward Artillery Observer with the 220th Field Artillery in Europe and Mom was a Marine, trained to work on F4U Corsairs, but stationed at Pendleton as a driver for a China Marine named Colonel Sturgis. In 1971 my dear mother had the good sense to refuse to allow me to enlist in her Corps and so after failing at college I became a Blue Water Sailor in HC-1 Det 2 aboard the USS Midway from October 1973 thru October 1975. My wartime experiences were very different than those of Combat Veteran brothers and sisters. I have never heard a shot fired in anger, but I have lost friends in defense of freedom.

Honorably separated as an E5 in 1977, for the next thirty plus years my enlistment was often referred to as a ‘Million dollars worth of experience I would not pay a nickel to do again!’ Military Service was not something we discussed with anyone who wasn’t a Vet, and most of my Vet friends were trying hard to move on too!

My first trip to The Wall in 2000 had picked an interest I did not understand, then in 2004 I was in DC at a training conference when I discovered Rolling Thunder. With no motorcycle in my possession I announced I would make RT XX and around me friends and family just smiled and looked away.
I started my Run for The Wall Odyssey in 2007 when two vet friends in Kalifornia had to back out of our trip to Rolling Thunder XX. Tadpole answered my email on night one coming out of Rancho and told me to find him when they pulled in to Weatherford. That first Run was 8 years ago and at the time I only expected to ride once or maybe twice!
Little did I know that RFTW XIX, and specifically the Run for The Wall Family would also begin to help me with ghosts I still do not fully understand.

Most who know me remember me as a Road Guard, a role I loved from 2009 thru 2013 exclusively, and all I ever wanted to do with The Run… but The Run had other plans! As all who have ridden more than once with RFTW know, it gets in your blood. It bores into your heart and it will not let go. The Run first gives back to each us, but then she grabs us and points to brothers and sisters who also need comfort and The Run never lets go again!

For the 2015 Southern Route I am honored to be accompanied by Chicken Joe Connors as the Assistant Route Coordinator (ARC) Jim Drieth, Tail Light, as Advanced Team Leader, Ray Ghostrider Wyatt who returns as our Road Guard Captain and Laurie ‘Airborne’ Clay as the Southern Route Finance Leader.
We have identified all but one Platoon Leader (still need one for Trikes and trailers, Platoon 8) but I am confident we will remedy this before we get to Ontario.

That’s is correct, Ontario, California will be our starting point in 2015 so don’t make your reservations at the old hotels in Rancho Cucu unless you want to commute in lovely LA traffic to enjoy our company! BOD President Ken ‘Wish’ Hargrove is still communicating and negotiating with the new venue so we aren’t ready to announce it yet. We can tell you we will have much cleaner access to the Interstate as well as much more parking for our three Routes. Hotels will be announced and will begin accepting reservations sometime after the first of the year.

This year We have chosen Continue the Mission as our mantra for RFTWSR XXVII. I read somewhere, or heard it from someone who knew it, that ‘Charlie Mike’ used over the radio indicated a team would Continue the Mission.
Over my eight years on The Run I have heard more than one person being reminded that we are all on this Run for one reason, The Mission! There are times when that rider next to you, or behind you, or in front of you, cannot keep their interval; when that rider cannot keep up or is too close or clearly has no riding skills, or upsets one or many of us for a reason that they are probably unaware of and most of the old timers don’t care about. It is times like this we must remember why we ride over 3000 miles in ten short days.
Our Mission is ’To ride for those who can’t; to remind America that there is a cost of Freedom and to call for a full accounting of those left behind as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action; and to promote healing among All Veterans and their families and friends.’
By keeping The Mission first in our hearts We will find a way to Continue the Mission not just for ten days in May, but until they are home.

As an aside… when I met Gunny Gregory in 2009 I told him he had given me back something I had tried very hard to forget… and I told him I would serve again in a heartbeat and would proudly pay much more than a nickel for the privilege to do it all again!
Continue The Mission

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